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Salmon Oil Plus
Salmon Oil Plus
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90 Capsules - Serving Size 3 Capsules

Salmon Oil Plus Fast Facts:
  • Provides 1070 mg of omega 3 fatty acids per serving
  • 3 caps=one serving of fresh, wild salmon
  • Includes ALL 8 omega 3 fatty acids
  • Free from mercury & over 160 impurities
  • Cold pressed from flesh of healthy fish
  • Sources graded for human consumption
  • Wild-caught from the fjords of Norway
  • Free from cholesterol & saturated fats
  • Virtually free of all fishy taste & odor
  • Nature's blueprint for balance & potency
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Everyone’s going to say their fish oil product is the best. After all, why be in business if you’re not? And sure, they’re going to give you all sorts of reasons why. But the cards are stacked against you. Most companies know you know very little about omega 3 fish oils or what makes a great product that’ll produce results.

Don’t let another company take advantage of you. Learn what you need to know to choose the right product for you and your family.

Get The Benefits Pure & Simple

Omega III Salmon Oil Plus is the only supplement that provides all 8 members of the Omega 3 family and is guaranteed to be naturally free of all toxins and heavy metals. Our sources are screened for more than 160 contaminants with an allowable detection limit of ZERO.

This guarantee is backed up right on the label by Dr. Gordon Newell and Dr. Arthur Furst (considered “the world’s leading toxicologist” by the World Health Organization). Both of these scientists are former presidents of the prestigious American College of Toxicology.

Salmon Oil Plus is lightly pressed from only the flesh of wild, health screened, disease-free salmon that live in the cold, clean waters of the Arctic Circle region of Norway.

And, for greater benefits, we also provide our exclusive UHPO3 concentrate, derived from clean, healthy tuna, sardines and anchovies. Through our unique “molecular differentiation” technology, we optimize the entire family of omega 3s, while eliminating the other non-omega 3 fish oils, like those that cause belching, fishy taste and odor, saturated fats, cholesterol and hidden vitamin A & D. This is how we deliver unsurpassed omega 3 potency and purity.

Each serving of Salmon Oil Plus – the first fish oil supplement of its kind – provides a balanced spectrum of all 8 omega 3 family members involved in human nutrition. You’re guaranteed 460 mg EPA, 480 mg DHA, 50 mg DPA and 80 mg of mixed omega 3s, including SDA, ETA(3), ETA, HPA and ALA.

And, if you can find anything comparable to Omega III Salmon Oil Plus (which we seriously doubt) and you were to compare the cost of daily dosages you would find our price is even better. It’s also much safer and has only 1/5 the calories at just 1/3 the cost of an equivalent serving of wild salmon.

So if you’re ready to experience healthy living with omega 3 fish oil, give it a try. You’ll look and feel noticeably better within the first 30 days. And Omega III Salmon Oil Plus is guaranteed to give you the results you want or your money back – no questions asked.

You can order now by clicking the Add to Cart button or calling us toll free at (888) 508-1234.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Salmon Oil Plus cause me to burp the taste of fish?

    It is highly unlikely you’ll burp the taste of fish when using Salmon Oil Plus. Virtually all the fishy taste and odor has been removed from our product. It’s important to make sure you always take Salmon Oil Plus with a meal or soon after a meal – never on an empty stomach. AND, never take it with hot coffee or hot tea.

    If you are one of the very rare people who still burp the taste of fish after taking Salmon Oil Plus, all is not lost! Simply freeze your capsules and take them with your last meal of the day. Freezing the capsules slows the digestion of the product without hindering the healthy benefits of the omega 3s.

    Can my children take Salmon Oil Plus?

    Yes! As a matter of fact, children have as much of a need for omega 3s as adults. The dosage should be adjusted for their age and their ability to swallow. A great rule of thumb is one capsule a day for young children and up to three capsules daily for children who have reached the age of puberty. (Remember, three capsules contain the same amount of omega 3s as one serving of fresh, wild salmon, so we are not talking a “mega” dosage.)

    Is Salmon Oil Plus safe to take when you are pregnant or nursing?

    Yes, absolutely! It’s perfectly safe to take when you are pregnant or nursing. Salmon Oil Plus is tested and guaranteed to be free of over 160 different heavy metals, toxins and poisons, including mercury, lead and PCBs, making safe for everyone, including pregnant and nursing mothers.

    Are your fish wild-caught or farm raised?

    All of the fish used in Salmon Oil Plus are wild-caught in the fjords and Arctic region of Norway.

    Is your product “enteric coated?”

    No. Salmon Oil Plus is not enteric coated. Enteric coating doesn’t get rid of the fishy taste and odor – it simply hides it. We’ve actually gone one step better than enteric coating and removed virtually all the fishy taste and odor from our product. It is highly unlikely you’ll burp the taste of fish with Salmon Oil Plus.

    Do I take Salmon Oil Plus all at once or spaced out throughout the day?

    It doesn’t make any difference how you take Salmon Oil Plus to get the best results. It really comes down to what’s most convenient to you. The bottom line is to be sure to get the recommended three capsules daily for 1070mg of total omega 3s.

    What is the shelf life of your product?

    All of our products have a “Best if Used by” date printed on the label. Generally, you would have between 2 and 3 years before your product would expire. Our guarantee is that our product quality, potency and safety is as high on the expiration date as it was the day it was manufactured. It’s also important to store your product in a cool, dry place and away from direct heat or sunlight.

    Do I have to refrigerate your product once I receive it?

    It is not necessary to refrigerate Salmon Oil Plus as long as you store it in a cool, dry place and away from direct heat or sunlight. Our product is produced and packaged to withstand normal room temperatures.

    Do I have to take three capsules daily?

    Three capsules daily is the recommended dosage on the label. It provides 1070mg of total omega 3s or about the same amount you’d get if you ate a serving of wild salmon. You’re welcome to take less than three capsules daily if that works for you, but it may take longer for you to experience the benefits.

    How can I save money when I purchase Salmon Oil Plus?

    There are actually a couple of ways to save money on Salmon Oil Plus. One way is to order more bottles per order. This will save you money on shipping costs. For example, 2 bottles cost the same amount of money to ship in one package as one bottle costs. And adding additional bottles only increases the cost slightly. If you plan ahead and order more at one time, you can easily save enough money in shipping over a year to pay for an additional bottle.

    The other way to save money on Salmon Oil Plus, especially if you like it and you plan on continuing to take it, is to join our money saving Membership program. Becoming a member can save you between 25% and 31% off the retail price. Email us at [email protected] for details on our Membership program.

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